6 IFPD Hacks for Dynamic Teamwork

By Promark Techsolutions

16 Jan, 2024

Collaborative Whiteboarding Sessions

Utilise the IFPD as a collaborative whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. Leverage digital ink and annotation tools to encourage team members to contribute ideas, diagrams, and sketches in real-time.

Brainstorming Bonanza

Ditch the sticky notes and unleash ideas visually. Use the IFPD's multi-touch capabilities to sketch, mind map, and annotate in real-time. Watch ideas spark as team members build on each other's concepts.

Real-time Feedback Revolution

Ditch the email chains and provide constructive feedback instantly. Use the IFPD's annotation tools to mark documents, highlight revisions, and discuss changes directly, streamlining the feedback process.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Simplify presentations and collaboration by enabling wireless screen sharing on the IFPD. Team members can effortlessly share their screens, fostering a more dynamic and interactive discussion.

Video Conferencing Integration

Integrate video conferencing tools seamlessly with the IFPD. Enable face-to-face communication while leveraging the interactive features of the display for shared document editing, virtual whiteboarding, and collaborative discussions.

Virtual Ideation Workshops

Transform the IFPD into a virtual ideation workshop space. Engage team members in interactive sessions using design thinking or innovation frameworks, allowing them to contribute ideas and solutions collaboratively.

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