The Evolution of Interactive Flat Panel Display

By Promark Techsolution

Jan 11, 2024

Blackboard Era

Traditional blackboards were once the cornerstone of classroom teaching.Chalk and erasers were the primary tools for conveying information. Limited interactivity and no digital integration.

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Whiteboard Revolution

Whiteboards replace blackboards, offering a cleaner and more versatile surface. Dry-erase markers provided a less messy alternative to chalk. Early steps toward interactive learning but still lacked advanced features.

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Projector Integration

Projectors transformed whiteboards into dynamic presentation tools. Enabled the display of multimedia content, enhancing visual learning Limited interactivity, usually confined to pointing devices.

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Rise of IFPDs

IFPDs emerged as the next evolution, integrating touch-sensitive displays. Replaced traditional whiteboards with interactive, high-resolution screens. Offers features like digital whiteboarding, annotations, and seamless connectivity.

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Future Trends of IFPDs

Augmented Reality (AR) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enhanced Interactivity Collaboration Tools Sustainability

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