PROMARK Techsolutions Private Limited – The Distinctive Journey of an Imaginative Venture

The progress of any company is essentially based in its founding philosophy, principles and objectives. A successful undertaking is capable of being invariably traced to a simple idea which was then pursued with single minded devotion. The journey of Promark Techsolutions Private Limited began with a simplistic vision. The aim was to provide qualitative solutions for writing in educational institutions and corporate organizations. It was this that formed the foundation of the venture which has continued to grow exponentially and spreads its dominance in the niche arena.

Established in 2003, the company began its functioning with the trading and then manufacturing of writing boards. The team of expert professionals at its helm guided it forward with unrelenting dedication and commitment. The company’s insistent devotion to quality products began to be recognized and applauded by all its clients. Its rapid ascent into a position of dominance has continued unabated ever since. The passage of time has seen a diversification of its product portfolio which now includes countless more innovative solutions ranging from writing boards to interactive boards and institutional furniture.

The core values which PROMARK has incorporated into its working are honesty, integrity and reliability. With a foundation which is firmly held together by its devotion to ethical values, the company has its eyes firmly fixed towards the future. Constantly evolving its process with time, the products and services of the company have been made innovative and contemporary to match the needs of the modern organizations in a rapidly changing environment.

The journey of PROMARK has been a distinctive one and its rich heritage of success continues to develop with every passing day.We are devoted to delivering excellent products that look stunning, and long lasting. However, our passion for quality dose not ends there. We believe in building and maintaining strong, solid relationships that are based on trust and transparency.

Be it our employees, customers, associates or vendors, we follow clean and ethical business practices that have earned us the reputation of being “a trusted partner”.


  1. National Small Industry Corporation Limited, Government of India Enterprises under Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of Government of India.
  2. M.S.M.E, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises of Government of India
  3. Employees’ Provident Fund Organization under Ministry of Labour & Employment of Government of India
  4. Employees’ State insurance Corporation, under Ministry of Labour & Employment of Government of India
  5. Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals, Jeevan Tara Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001, Department of Commerce (Supply Division) under Department of Ministry of Commerce & Industry of Government of India, (Having valid rate contract)
  6. Small Scale Industries, Under Department of Industry of Government of Punjab
  7. Department of Excise & taxation of Government of Punjab