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Promark's black colour OPS


Promark Mini PCs: Compact yet powerful computing solutions.

Promark’s Mini PCs are advanced computing devices that offer powerful performance in a compact form factor. Based on Windows OS and Open Pluggable Specification, Promark Mini PCs offer versatile computing solutions for a wide range of industries, including digital signage, kiosks, and smart retail.

Sr. No. PROCESSORMODEL NO. RAM (Optional)HD DRIVE (Optional)
1i5 6th GENP568W8GB256GB
2i5 7th GENP578W8GB256GB
3i5 8th GENP588W8GB256GB
4i5 10th GENP5108W8GB256GB
5i5 11th GENP5118W8GB256GB
6i7 7th GENP778W8GB256GB
7i7 8th GENP788W8GB256GB
8i7 10th GENP7108W8GB256GB

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AVTech Solution

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At Promark, we believe that success and dreams go hand in hand. Let us help you open the door to both.

Promark's black colour OPS