7 Smart Classroom Equipment for Better Teaching in 2024

By Promark Techsolutions

30 Jan, 2024

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

IFPDs are large touch-sensitive displays that replace traditional whiteboards. They facilitate interactive lessons, multimedia integration, and real-time collaboration, providing a dynamic and engaging learning environment.


Styluses provide a precise and interactive way to engage with IFPDs and other touch-sensitive displays. They allow teachers and students to write, draw, and interact with digital content in a more natural and detailed manner.

Information Kiosk

Information kiosks provide a central hub for accessing important information. In educational settings, they can offer interactive maps, campus directories, and event schedules, enhancing communication and accessibility.

Digital Podium

A digital podium combines a traditional lectern with modern technology. It often includes a built-in computer, touch interface, and connectivity options, allowing instructors to seamlessly integrate digital content into their presentations.

Wireless Speakerphone

A wireless speakerphone facilitates clear audio communication in the classroom. It supports mobility and ensures that all students can hear instructions, discussions, and presentations effectively, even in larger spaces.

PTZ Camera 

PTZ cameras are versatile cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom. In a smart classroom, they enable flexible camera movements for capturing interactive lessons, presentations, and discussions from various angles.


OPS Mini PCs adhere to a standardised computing module specification. These compact PCs are designed for easy integration into compatible displays, offering computing power for interactive lessons, multimedia content, and collaborative activities.

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