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Best Smart Board For Education

image of promark's smart board with home screen

Key Points:

What are Smart Boards ?

Smart boards, also known as Interactive Flat Panel displays, are technological tools that combine the functions of a traditional whiteboard with digital capabilities. These boards are now becoming very popular and are commonly used in education to enhance education, collaboration, and engagement. They typically consist of a large, flat display surface which ranges from 65 inches to 86 and even 98 inches, that can be written on using digital pens called styluses. They are similar to whiteboards except the key feature that sets smart boards apart is their interactive and digital nature. Smart boards are specially designed for educators to work independently, however they can be connected to a computer or other digital devices, such as tablets or smartphones. This connection allows the content displayed on the board to be controlled and manipulated by the device connected to the smartboard. This connection can be done by cables or wireless. Promark provides the best smart boards for education. Promark has an array of smart boards or Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) which suit everybody’s pockets according to their needs. They come in different sizes, starting from 65 inches to 98 inches to suit the size of the room where it must be displayed.

The Best Smart Boards for Classroom

PRO AT Series interactive flat panel display


PRO AT Series is one of the most popular and affordable interactive flat panels for education. This is due to its versatile functions inbuilt in the panel.

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PRO AT is a good option for teachers and students of all ages. Its outer casing is made of aluminium di caste which is very lightweight. The glass is toughened glass and has anti glare property. This means that the panel can absorb 80 present of the light which falls on it and only very little is reflected. This property is very safe for the eyes.  Pro AT series is a touch screen panel and comes in 3 sizes 65”, 75” and 86. Its main features are whiteboard, 4k display, diverse connectivity, etc. Its large 4k crystal clear display helps in the engagement of even the back seat students and retain their interest in the classroom. Whiteboard is a great advanced feature for educators. It can help teachers to teach in a more interesting way. Educators can draw, write, erase and save the content and annotations. PRO AT also has a screen sharing option, with which a laptop, tablet or mobile can be connected to the panel via Wi fi. Screen from these devices can be shared onto the panel. The panel is a multi-touch panel. One can touch and work on multiple points on the panel at the same time. It is the best option if you are looking for the best smart board for teachers. 

Image of Promark's MR Series Interactive Flat Panel Display


PRO MR SERIES is also used in Educational Institutions. This Series is a touch screen panel, with inbuilt camera, speaker and microphone features. 

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It is especially designed for education purposes. It enables online/remote learning due to its amazing features. Educators can use their camera, speakers and microphone for remote teaching. This panel comes in 3 sizes 65”, 75” and 86”. MR series has features which include features like whiteboard, screen mirroring, connectivity, multi touch, accessing internet, etc. All these features make this particular panel quite unique in its segment. Educators can use the whiteboard for audio video purposes besides other features. Students can learn from visual learning, Students can share content from their devices via screen sharing.  It is also a good option if you are looking for a touch screen smart board for school.

Promark's Interactive flat panel Display


PRO ESP SERIES is also a great option for communication, collaboration and productivity.

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 You can enhance your classroom experience with ESP Series. It is a non-android Micro PC Panel. Micro PC is an OPS (Open Pluggable System). It is a mini PC. By connecting the mini PC your panel becomes a computer and you can work it as if you are working on a PC. The OPS is window based with different configurations. It comes with an 8gb RAM and 256 gb internal storage memory.

Why Promark’s smart boards are loved by educators

These are some popular and fast selling models and are loved by educators. In education, they are used to create interactive and immersive learning experiences, allowing educators to engage students more effectively for several reasons.

Some common functions and features of smart boards for education:

  1. Touch Interaction: Smart boards are equipped with touch-sensitive surfaces that allow users to interact directly with the displayed content using their fingers or a stylus. This enables drawing, writing, highlighting, and navigating through digital content.
  2. Digital Ink: Users can write or draw on the smart board using digital pens or styluses. The board can capture and display these markings in real time, making it easy to take notes, annotate presentations, and create visual content.
  3. Multimedia Integration: Smart boards often support multimedia content, such as videos, images, and interactive applications. This makes presentations more engaging and dynamic by allowing presenters to seamlessly switch between different types of content.
  4. Collaboration: Smart boards are designed to facilitate collaboration. Multiple users can interact with the board simultaneously, making them ideal for brainstorming sessions, group discussions, and team projects.
  5. Digital Saving and Sharing: The content displayed on a smart board can be saved digitally, allowing users to capture the information presented during a session. This content can then be shared with participants or accessed later for reference.
  6. Integration with Software: Smart boards are typically used in conjunction with specialised software applications that provide additional features and functionality. These software programs often offer tools for creating diagrams, charts, and other visual aids.

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Smart boards have found wide-ranging applications in various sectors. In Education smart boards have become the most important tool for teaching and learning. Educational institutions have upgraded their classrooms with smart boards. Parents now insist schools be equipped with such tools to enhance learning of their wards. Smart boards are very helpful for video conferencing, in delivering impactful presentations, collaborative discussions, and remote teaching. Hence Smart Boards are the new technological tools used for teaching and learning and we can say that smart boards are very helpful for teachers and students.