Smart classroom equipment is revolutionising the way teaching and learning happen. Cutting-edge tools like interactive panels, digital podiums, and information kiosks enhance the educational experience by promoting interactivity. Smart classroom equipment can significantly enhance the teaching and learning experience. we will discuss the smart classroom equipment list in 2024.

Smart Classroom Equipments List:

    Interactive flat panel displays serve as the centrepiece of modern smart classrooms. It offers vibrant, 4k high-definition screens with touch-sensitive capabilities. These displays enable educators to deliver engaging presentations, annotate content in real-time, and facilitate interactive learning activities. With intuitive touchscreen interfaces interactive panels empower teachers to create dynamic and interactive lessons that cater to diverse learning styles. Interactive panels can help the educators by seamless connectivity of educational softwares. Educators can access the internet by using the interactive panels.

    Pro A3 SeriesPro RK SeriesPro T9 Series
    65’’ 75’’ and 86’’sizes65’’ 75’’ and 86’’sizes65’’ 75’’ and 86’’sizes
    Android 11.0Android 13.0Android 11.0
    RAM: 4GB | ROM: 32GBRAM: 4GB | ROM: 64GBRAM: 4GB | ROM: 32GB
    Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K)Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K)Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K)
    Speaker 20W x2 (60)Speaker 20W x2 (60)Speaker 20W x2 (60)

    While the Interactive Flat Panel Display offers a cutting-edge experience, Promark recognizes the value of familiarity for some educators. Interactive Whiteboard bridges the gap between traditional blackboards and the digital world. This interactive whiteboard retains the familiar format of a blackboard but integrates touch screen functionality and connectivity options. Educators can utilise traditional methods like writing with a digital pen while also incorporating digital elements to enhance their lessons.

    Information Kiosk serves as a versatile information hub. In Educational institutions, providing students, faculty, and visitors with access to essential resources and services. Featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the kiosk offers self-service functionality for tasks such as wayfinding, campus maps, event schedules, etc. With its customizable design and windows-based management system, the Information Kiosk enhances communication, efficiency, and convenience across campus.

    The Electronic Lectern combines functionality with sophistication, offering educators a comprehensive solution for delivering engaging presentations and lectures. Featuring integrated audio-visual controls, microphone support, and multimedia connectivity, the electronic lectern enables seamless integration of multimedia, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of presentations. Its sleek and modern design complements any classroom or auditorium, while ergonomic features promote comfort and ease of use for presenters. 

    Document Camera is a versatile tool for capturing and presenting visual content in the classroom. With its high-resolution camera, educators can easily capture documents or 3D objects and display them in real-time on the interactive panels or projectors. The document camera promotes active learning, facilitates discussions, and enhances visual comprehension, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging for students.

    Wireless Microphone/Speaker system offers educators flexibility and mobility in delivering lectures and presentations. With its wireless connectivity and portable design, educators can move freely around the classroom while maintaining clear and audible communication. The system enhances engagement and participation by ensuring that every student can hear and interact with the instructor, regardless of their location in the room.

    Cameras play a vital role in smart classrooms, enabling educators to capture and share instructional content, student presentations, and classroom activities. Whether integrated into interactive flat panel displays, or standalone recording devices, cameras provide educators with the ability to document teaching moments, assess student progress, and create multimedia resources for future use. Camera plays an amazing role in online classes. With it educators can interact with each other remotely. With high-definition video capabilities and remote access features, cameras facilitate distance learning initiatives and promote collaboration among educators and students.

    Mini PC (OPS) is a compact and powerful computing solution designed specifically for integration with interactive flat panel displays and digital signage systems. With its modular design and high-performance specifications, the Mini PC enables educators to run resource-intensive applications, multimedia content, and interactive software directly on the display, without the need for additional hardware. Its energy-efficient design and remote management capabilities ensure reliability, scalability, and ease of deployment across multiple classrooms.

    Comparison between Traditional boards vs Smart boards in the Classroom:

    Traditional BoardSmart Board
    Uses chalk or markersInteractive digital display
    Limited interactivityHighly interactive with touch capability
    Manual writingDigital content creation and manipulation
    No multimedia supportSupports multimedia content
    Limited accessibilityAccessible for all learners
    Moderate engagementHigh engagement with interactive features
    Takes up space on the wallCompact design with wall-mount options
    Limited versatilityHighly versatile with various applications
    Limited collaboration optionsSupports collaboration among users
    No real-time feedbackProvides real-time feedback on interactions
    Low initial costHigher initial cost but long-term value
    Minimal maintenance requiredRequires software updates and maintenance


    Smart classroom equipment represents a paradigm shift in educational technology, offering educators a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance teaching and learning in 2024. From interactive flat panel displays and digital podiums to information kiosks and document cameras, Promark’s innovative solutions empower educators to create dynamic, engaging, and immersive learning experiences. By leveraging advanced features such as touchscreen interfaces, multimedia connectivity, and wireless collaboration, educators can tailor instruction to meet the diverse needs of students, foster creativity and critical thinking, and prepare them for success in an increasingly digital world. With Promark’s smart classroom equipment, the future of education is brighter than ever.