Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) have emerged as transformative tools, revolutionizing traditional teaching methods and enhancing learning experiences. These cutting-edge displays seamlessly integrate interactive features with high-definition visuals, offering educators and students a versatile platform for collaborative learning, multimedia presentations, and interactive lessons.

1. PRO RK Series

Pro RK-Series Image

The Pro RK Series Interactive Flat Panel Display represents cutting-edge technology that transforms learning environments. Available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch sizes, this display seamlessly integrates advanced features with a sleek design. With its 4K resolution, the Pro RK Series delivers crystal-clear visuals. Whether in classrooms or offices, it enhances presentations and facilitates interactive learning experiences 

PRO RK Series 65”: N/AAndroid 13.0RAM: 8GB ROM: 64GB (Upgradeable 128GB)
PRO RK Series 75”: N/A3 Speakers – 2*20w each in the Front and 1*25W Subwoofer Hidden Viewing Angle 178°
PRO RK Serie 86”: N/A Life Span is 1,20,000 hoursSystem Version: Android 13.0
4K Resolution ScreenOcta core processor

2. PRO A3 Series

PRO-A3-Series Image

The Pro A3 Series, a cutting-edge technological solution, caters to both businesses and educational professionals. Whether you find yourself in a classroom or an office, this interactive flat panel display elevates presentations to new heights. Its sleek frame and lightweight design allow it to seamlessly integrate into any environment. Whether you’re conducting engaging lessons or delivering dynamic business presentations, the Pro A3 Series empowers you with confidence to explore, learn, and present effectively.

Pro A3 Series 65”: N/AFront Speakers with High-Quality Sound 2*20W eachRAM: 8GB ROM: 64GB (Upgradeable 128GB)
Pro A3 Series 75”: N/AOn-Board PC/Optional OPS PCSystem Version: Android 11.0
Pro A3 Series 86”: N/ADiverse ConnectivitySystem Version: Android 13.0
4K Resolution ScreenOcta core processor

3. PRO T9 Series

PRO-T9-Series Image

The Pro T9 Series represents a versatile interactive flat panel display specifically designed for collaborative spaces. Whether you’re in a classroom or an office, this state-of-the-art tool elevates presentations and facilitates dynamic learning experiences. Positioned at the forefront of technological innovation, the Pro T9 Series revolutionises presentations and fosters engaging learning environments

PRO T9 Series 65”:
Multi-Interface SupportSystem Version: Android 11.0
PRO T9 Series 75”:
Cast & Share ScreensCPU Quad Core
PRO T9 Series 86”:
Max Power Output: 20W x 2RAM: 4GB ROM: 32GB
Split ScreenPower Consumption: 250W/standby 0.5

4. PRO T9H Series

PRO-T9H-Series Image

The Pro T9H Series stands as the ultimate interactive display solution for your workspace. Available in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 86-inch sizes, this series boasts 4K resolution, a built-in Android OS, and a robust processor. Furthermore, it offers a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi. Notably, the Pro T9H Series is equipped with high-quality speakers and a microphone, making it an ideal choice for seamless video conferencing experiences

PRO T9H Series 65”: N/ATouch Technology: IR TouchResolution 3840×2160
PRO T9H Series 75”: N/ARecognition: Fingers, pens, or other non-transparent objectsRAM: 8GB ROM: 64GB (Upgradeable 128GB)
PRO T9H Series 86”: N/ATouch Points: 20 points touch and 10 points writingContrast Ratio 30000:1
HDMI Out portPanel Type: IPS

5. PRO AT Series

PRO-AT-Series image

The PRO AT Series represents cutting-edge technology, meticulously crafted to elevate both classroom and office presentations. Its sleek design and advanced features revolutionise learning and collaboration experiences. These displays are available in sizes ranging from 65 inches to 98 inches, offering stunning 4K resolution, a built-in Android OS, and a robust processor. Seamless connectivity is ensured through HDMI, USB, and Wi-Fi.

PRO AT Series 65”: N/ASensing Type: Infrared TouchResponse time <4ms
PRO AT Series 75”: N/AHard Toughened GlassViewing Angle 178 °
PRO AT Series 86”: N/AHigh Quality SpeakersLifetime (working hours): 60,000 hours
20 Touch points and 10 writing pointsReference Frequency: 120Hz

6. PRO MR Series​

Pro-MR-Series image

The PRO MR Series represents an innovative display solution tailored for businesses, conference rooms, and other professional environments. This cutting-edge interactive flat panel display enhances presentations with its advanced features. Notably, it includes an integrated snap-on camera that significantly improves video conferencing and collaboration experiences. Moreover, the PRO MR Series offers versatile connectivity options, allowing seamless interaction with various devices. 

PRO MR Series 65”: N/AInbuilt Snap-On CameraTouch Sensor Infrared Touch
PRO MR Series 75”: N/ADiverse ConnectivityTouch Points Android 20 Points, Windows 40 Points
PRO MR Series 86”: N/ABYOD EnablingCover Glass Bonding Zero Gap Bonding
Hard Toughened GlassViewing Angle 178 °

7. PRO ESP Series

Pro-ESP-Series Image

The PRO ESP Series represents an innovative display solution tailored for smart classrooms, aiming to enhance communication, collaboration, and productivity in educational environments. This non-Android panel features an integrated Micro PC called OPS (Open Pluggable Specifications), rendering it ideal for contemporary classrooms. Available in sizes ranging from 65 inches to 98 inches, the PRO ESP Series revolutionises education by empowering both teachers and students with cutting-edge technology.

PRO ESP Series 65”:
Display Color: 1.07Billon colorsDisplay Colour: 1.07 Billion colours
PRO ESP Series 75”:
20 Points Multi TouchResolution: 3840(H) ×2160 (V)
PRO ESP Series 86”:
Windows/Linux/Android/MacBacklight type: OD18/DLED
Interactive WhiteboardSpeaker Output: 20W × 2


Promark offers a compelling selection of interactive flat panel displays, each boasting unique features and catering to diverse needs. Whether you prioritize cutting-edge features like Android 13.0 and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) (Pro RK Series) or value affordability and reliable performance (Pro T9 Series), there’s a Pro Series display ideal for your environment. Consider factors like screen size, resolution, operating system, connectivity options, and budget when making your choice.