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Interactive Solutions

At Promark, we understand the importance of having the best interactive flat panel display for education and classroom environments. That’s why we offer a range of cutting-edge interactive flat panel displays that are designed to deliver exceptional performance, functionality, and ease-of-use. Our interactive flat panel displays are ideal for teachers and students alike, providing an immersive learning experience that helps to keep everyone engaged and focused. With competitive interactive flat panel display prices and a commitment to delivering the highest quality products, you can trust Promark to provide the best possible solutions for your educational needs.

Next-level Learning Technology

An interactive whiteboard is an essential tool for modern education, enabling teachers to create immersive and engaging learning experiences. When it comes to choosing the best interactive flat panel display for education, one name stands out: the Promark’s Interactive Flat Panel.

Promark's interactive whiteboard with a drawing of a plane and other objects.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Education

Choose the Best Interactive Flat Panel Display For Your Classroom !!

Promark's Interactive flat panel Display

PRP ESP Series

Available in 65", 75"& 86"
Promark's ESP Series is the perfect solution for educators and professionals seeking the best interactive flat panel display for education and business environments. With its high-quality display, superior touch capabilities, and robust features, the ESP Series delivers an exceptional interactive experience. The ESP Series is a non-Android panel and comes with OPS (open pluggable specifications), allowing you to customize your display with various external devices and features. Whether you're looking to transform your classroom, boardroom, or training facility, the ESP Series provides exceptional value with its affordable pricing and unparalleled performance.

Image of Promark's MR Series Interactive Flat Panel Display

PRO MR Series

Available in 65", 75"& 86"
Introducing the Promark MR Series, the ultimate interactive flat panel displays designed specifically for education and classroom environments. Our MR Series features the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, with the added advantage of an inbuilt snap-on camera. This built-in camera enhances the interactive experience, allowing teachers and students to engage in video conferencing, virtual collaboration, and distance learning with ease. With exceptional display quality, intuitive touch controls, and seamless connectivity options, the MR Series is the best choice for educators seeking a versatile and affordable interactive flat panel display.

PRO AT Series interactive flat panel display


Available in 65", 75"& 86"
The Promark AT Series is the perfect solution for educational institutions seeking the best interactive flat panel displays for classrooms and learning environments. Designed with the latest technology and cutting-edge features, the AT Series is specifically tailored to meet the needs of teachers and students. With an intuitive interface and seamless connectivity options, our interactive flat panel displays enable teachers to engage, inspire, and empower their students. Best of all, Interactive flat panel displays are brilliance at a price that fits your budget. Promark's AT Series offers unbeatable value with competitive pricing and uncompromising quality.


Slim Frame Design Thin & Lightweight Panel

Multi Touch Screen

Front Speakers High-Quality Sound

On-Board PC/ Optional OPS PC

Diverse Connectivity Multi-Interface Support

In-Built Camera

PRO AT Series interactive flat panel display
India's Best

Interactive Panel for Education

Promark is a manufacturer of best interactive flat panels display board in India. The most important aspect of  interactive flat panel our is how easy it is for anyone to use. Our products are a combination of essential core technology, innovation, award-winning customers. Promark’s Interactive panel is an advanced, next generation innovation for education dedicated to creating modern edtech solutions that make possible every level of education.  Promark serves best interactive panels for classroom, keeping in mind the boom of online education. Our interactive panels are available in multiple sizes of 65 inch, 75 inch and 86 inch.


At Promark, we are committed to providing the best interactive flat panel displays for education and classroom environments. We understand the evolving needs of educators and the importance of creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. That’s why we offer a wide range of top-of-the-line interactive flat panel displays that are specifically designed for educational settings. Our displays combine cutting-edge technology, intuitive interfaces, and robust features to empower teachers and inspire students. With competitive pricing and a focus on quality, Promark is the trusted choice for educational institutions seeking the best interactive flat panel displays.

Yes you can avail the free demo of Interactive flat panels anytime. Just fill the form with your required contact details. Our partners will contact you within 24 hours and schedule a meeting with you.

Yes of course you can attach your PC or Laptop with the Interactive Flat Panels. It is possible through the wire and our inbuilt screen sharing feature. 

Yes you can connect it with a MACBook or any other IOs Device. You can make connectivity with wifi and bluetooth features. 

Our Interactive Panels are specially designed in such technology that it takes less consumption of electricity. Every Panel has different consumption. It depends on Panels Size, Specification and category. 

Yes, Promark’s Touch Screen Interactive Flat Panels have a multi touch feature. You can touch 10 places at a time, all touch points are working fine and smoothly, without any hassle. 

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Yes our Support partners are available 24*7. You can contact us on 1800 1038 878

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